Offline Kanban (Beta)

Offline Kanban solves the problem of the modern hobbyist, DIYer and even small business providing an affordable, almost completely offline one time purchase product to use a digital Kanban board with little set-up. Better than sticky notes but still belongs to you, data and all.

Linux: The most tested platform, tested with Linux Mint, Kubuntu and Fedora(KDE).

Mac: I don't own the hardware, so it is extremely lightly tested. It also involves enabling 3rd party apps on the OS.

Windows: Cards move on right click when they shouldn't, otherwise now working!

Note: By beta we mean this product is ready to use but missing some quality of life features (like multi-language settings) and may have some bugs. This app is provided free of charge but any money is appreciated! The code is also open source (GPLv2) and is provided through Github.

I want this!

Sorry, there are no refunds

There are no warranties or refunds on this software and it is provided as is. I would like to fix any bugs or issues found but there is no guarantee. Please do not pay anymore than the minimum for the download unless you would like to support the development. You can also compile it yourself with the source code in a Xojo IDE. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you enjoy the software!

Last updated Apr 10, 2024

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Offline Kanban (Beta)

I want this!